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Volatility software

What you will get in this product?

  • A. Intraday fully automated real time option trade volatility software.
  • B.Intraday Equity, currency, index, commodity trade software
  • C.Short term investment of less than 10 day holding volatility software for equity, future,commodity.
  • D.Video course on- Intraday trade using volatility, Intraday option trade using volatility.
  • E.E-book on volatility method for intraday trade.
  • F."34 intraday technic" book

ebook content

  • 1.Understanding the volatility trick for day trading.
  • 2.Methods to calculate volatility and intraday volatility formula.
  • 3.Stock volatility and option volatility.
  • 4.volatility trick for day trading.
  • 5.Using Fibonacci, Gann and Elliot wave with intraday volatility formula.
  • 6.Trade in option based on intraday volatility estimate.
  • 7.Performance evaluation of option strategy based on volatility

Where this volatility intraday software can be used?

This automated volatility intraday software will help you to make trade decision in Equity,Future and option , currency and commodity segment. Volatility intraday software developed using dynamic Fibonacci, dynamic Gann and dynamic Elliot concept. you can also use this software for making the short term investment decision of less than 10 days.

Which segment will this work?
  • Equity
  • Stock Future
  • Comodities(MCX)
  • Currency Future
  • Option
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Volatility software For any product query call Ph: 9840348971 Buyer need to pay Rs3500 + taxes per year towards the annual maintenance charge for software from 2nd year onwards. For other service charges, installation and uninstallation information,system compatibility,password policy etc. visit following link Buy using your Net banking, debit, credit card
1 year Edition @ Rs4000/- + taxes
volatility software for intraday trade
+"34 Intraday Tricks" 1 Book
For Any Query Call -09840348971/09841736980/044-64995823. We have sales office in Mumbai and Chennai

What support you will get as a buyer of this product?

1. Monthly twice we demonstrate and give training the buyers in live market on ‘How to use our software?’

2.Every month 2nd and 4th week of Friday time 9:15 to 9:45 by video conference the training demonstration will be held.

3.Buyers used to get invitation to attend our free webinars on priority basis.

4.Technical query related to use of software, trade related query attended through the email in priority basis.

5. All software installation related issues by dedicated support telephone number.

6.All buyers time to time given option strategy best suitable for market condition.

What is Volatility?

Volatility in a financial instrument like stock, future and option used to play an important role in deciding the trend.

Our automated volatility software is developed using difficult mathematical principle of calculation the real time volatility. It has 3 different features which will fulfill the need of intraday traders, investors and option traders. Through Our scientific study and research we have concluded that the Elliot wave, Fibonacci and Gann method used to work in different volatile condition. This software will automatically choose the method best suitable, for the current volatile condition and calculated the entry and target levels as per the need.

What is volatility trick for day trading?

It is a trading method in which the expected price range of future movement is calculated from volatility and not from the high and low.

How successful volatility method for intraday trade?

Volatility technique for intraday trade is 10 times more powerful and successful as compare to technical study.

How volatility trick for day trading works?

In this technique volatility calculated from the past 10 days data and price range derived by multiplying the volatility with the LTP(Last trade price). Now the Fibonacci retracement principle is applied on the LTP and the derived price range and trade initiated.

How long intraday volatility technique is being tested ?

This technique is tested for more than 4 years by smart finance and by learning this you can also back test it .

What are the difference between real time volatility software and the concept explained with excel sheet?

The concept explained in the video is not optimised with all rules also take only the historic facts into account for calculation of volatility. In the paid software the real time volatility will be calculated and many finer rules are implemented.

What volatility trick for day trading video will explain?

In this volatility technique video you will learn:
A. How to use the volatility with Fibonacci ratio?
B. How to identify the trend and initiate the trade using this video?

Whether intraday volatility technique will work in commodity, currency also?

Yes, this technique will work for commodity, currency, stock and index.


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